Your face always summons

My smiles. After long days,

I spend long nights with you

In my thoughts. Even when you make my tears


I cry with a smile on my

Face; just for loving you

I’ve turned into a better me;

Even when for jealousy or

Sadness, I let myself fall



This world is so banal. This

Life is a mystery of manmade

Lies and deception. An evanescent

Annoyance that I don’t want to


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I borrowed two stars from the sky:

One I gave to you as a gift
To shine through all your way home;

With love
From someone who doesn’t know how to love


The other star, this one,

I hid it in my pocket for later


Now the sky wants its stars back.

I guess it’ll have to wait until we’re both dead



The Loss

A black hole full of memories:
Some friends who knew all your secrets
And two or three unimportant lovers
Swirling and swirling around

Down my heart;
A stubborn beast that dreams away


“Don’t let go of my hand.”

… And then I hear goodbye again
From here, here on the edge.

Everything is so quiet now,
When I can only hear my own thunderstorm


No hand to hold while I stare at
The infinity on fire




After so many hours spent

On getting lost in

Thoughts where our lives collide, my lip

Lights up in red — a dissolving circle

Brings me back to

This universe of unreality,

Ending everything



A reopen pain

Bleeds in my mouth —

It tastes like you and fantasy


Why do I

Bite my lips when I could be

Kissing yours?



Twenty Three

No number can

Silence an ageless child, but

Every single day

They age a little

Killing the children they once saw

In the mirror


I still feel

Like a flying bird. I dream

The same sandcastles, I want

The same joys. Let me run

Across the same fields

Despite their madness

Building up around me



Lights II

Heavy eyelids, heavy

Thoughts early in the morning.

The sun comes up outside, like a warrior.

I will never win this battle,  I think. My mother’s

Voice can be heard in one of the rooms. I run to

Her arms


Swallow the pill. It’s morning already.

Don’t be so

Pessimistic about life. Ah, but

The sun is up there like a





Thorns can paint hands red, yet

I’d bring you a rose tonight —

White petals with stains

Of myself


Tell me if it’s okay to be a little

Insane. She smiles.

Blossom season begins —

Words cannot show

The magnitude of my love. Thorns

Can paint my hands red, yet

I would dare to steal a flower



Candy Apple

Love was the apple that, together,

Last night we devoured. I just don’t know

If its beautiful red was poisoned

But what difference does it make?

I would die such a romantic death

With my lips against yours, my