My Titles are Usually Very Good (A Short List)

Alternative title: “Positive” post — An  Attempt (that took me a long time to write because I’m too negative about almost everything)


– My onion soup (you won’t understand this amazing taste unless you like onion, garlic and black pepper)

– Being with my nephew, even when he cries over video games

– My filthy bed which is placed in my palatial bedroom (my small concrete box prison)

– Writing/blogging, even when I’m not sure if ghosts are really reading my posts

– Admiring the three incredible piles of books I have in front of my filthy bed

– Thinking that someday I can have a cat (I guess the cat will own me, not the opposite ❤)

– Not caring that much about dogs (this statement deserves a post, doesn’t it?), but loving puppies’ warm bellies

– Reading manga, even more than watching anime 

– Not believing in god (really, don’t doubt me), but thinking that the myth of Jesus shows an example of a good, caring person. And admitting to myself that I cry sometimes reading or listening about his story

– Perfumes, fragrance sachets, the smell of chocolate and coffee, books (thank you for giving me a nose, god of the atheists)

– Knowing that the young Morrissey existed, and even if today’s Morrissey doesn’t make much sense sometimes, he was, indeed, young Moz

– Punctuation!




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