A mechanical pencil and a piece of paper once became a mirror


I think this drawing could be a tattoo, I don’t know why. While drawing it I saw things I could “fix”, such as collarbones and breasts (according to my ex, they look droopy — but I disagree), but… I like her like this. Perfectly imperfectly.


This is me.

I have those tattoos, but they’re invisible since they were never inked on me. Though my long hair is always down, I’d love to wear flowers in it. I also have big eyes, and lips like Cupid’s. But I’m ugly despite everything.


I drew this in 2013… I remember showing it to my “dad” and everything. I even remember what he said. I hate thinking that someone could steal this drawing or use it without my permission, but this is my blog, and this drawing is so me — it needs to be posted on HeartBeatsBlue. I posted it on the suicide forum last year, but removed it after a few weeks. That place already saw, read and felt enough from the naked me.




18 thoughts on “A mechanical pencil and a piece of paper once became a mirror

      1. Your second very flattering compliment. Thank you again. That’s true about being vulnerable, especially among wolves.

        Btw, I’m going to email you later tonight. I already took a look at your great writings.


      2. Well, romance depends mostly on where you are. I live in a big, grayish city with two million people. The only beautiful thing about this place is that it happens to be in the jungle, but you don’t see much nature around.

        Going to bed now, Cake. Goodnight amd ttys (:


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