Apple Blossom

Girl with the eyes of my favorite color
With hair of brown rings;
What I really wanted was a kiss from your lips, so thin,
And live, at least for a day, with your heart in my hand


You say, with your whispery voice,
That love for you I do not have. That my
Desires for your kisses are just needy loneliness.


But, girl, if you only knew,
How here, at night, I dream of you
Perhaps in my love your doubts would believe.


My love for you is apple blossom;
It is the whole, fragrant apple,
So beautiful and shiny, so
Bright that maybe my mouth would not dare to taste
One of your kisses, if you offered it…

But, my love, girl, my love is not waxy, handmade apple.
It gleams as a fake fruit, but it has the taste
That only a love like yours could dare to provoke.


Who knows, maybe someday,
My love for you will melt away
Sad as a never bitten apple.
But until then, Apple Blossom Girl,
Until then I will love you
For at least a thousand springs.






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