Just posting some beauty on my blog because I’m uninspired and the world feels ugly today…

One of my students got a tattoo of one of Mucha’s lovely paintings.

He didn’t even know who that was until I told him.

He told the tattoo artist that he wanted to get something… And that’s what the guy chose for him. It was simple as that.

(I wish I was like that sometimes)



Diving into the calming blue, where no

Light can ever reach — my hands

Search for what my eyes

Will never see again.

Sinking down,

Where I no longer have to breathe;

Just slowly

Let my body sail away



Daily Banalities

Just took a shower

And wrapped my hair in a towel.

Walking back to my bed,

Always to the bedroom on the left.

The lights are always off

And there’s no people home.

No plans for tomorrow

And no real moment to live tonight —

Just cinnamon tea

And the same songs, over and over;

A thousand times



Kids On The Moon

Floating through the star colored sea.

Landing on the Moon,

While moving spheres come and go,

Swirling around as shiny falling lilies.

Children are out to play —

The Earth is far away,

There’s no reason to fear



I had to repost this. Not sure why I had a problem with the original post.

I may add a collage to this poem if I finally find out who made it. I found it last week. It’s beautiful.

Chapped Lips

In the wild of the thundering night,

Words refuse to whisper

The letters of your name


Little by little, the sounds

Of who you are

Crash against

The softness of my mouth


Cardboard box dreams;

Cut out masks

For us to wear

In the wild of the night